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FESTIVAL INITIATIVES- Ecophoria Green by Euphoria Festival


It’s no secret disposable trash is choking the arteries of our planet, and music festivals themselves can be considered ‘environmental disasters’. It’s why initiatives like these by the Euphoria Music Festival @EuphoriaMusFest really matter! #ecocontious #togetherwemakeadifference

EUPHORIA is also offering ART GRANTS to fans and artist to create a new take on trash receptacles and more. You can apply here!

At Sparked we believe that it starts with the attitude you take to your daily life. Do you want to be wasteful? Do you want that straw you used to land in the belly of a fish? Are you aware that even you, just one person, can contribute to saving the life of the planet? If you don’t see it this way, then the opposite is occurring, we can’t avoid damaging if we don’t take care not to. Its kind of like not taking off your muddy boots before entering your home, bound to get the mud all over the floor right?
So festivals try to help us! come have fun, but do it in a way that gives back with caring, to each other and our world. So here are some tips of how you can do it right when coming to have fun at Euphoria this year:
  • Carpool to the festival with friends, use ride-share services like Bus to Show shuttles from downtown Austin, or get dropped off in a ride-share.
  • Recycle or compost when possible
  • Bring a reusable water bottle or reservoir and refill with our free water stations
  • Only bring what you need. Help pick up what you brought in and clean up your trash. Less excess = less trash left after the festival.
  • Donate any items you don’t want rather than leaving them behind. Be on the lookout for a donation drop-off announcement closer to the festival.
  • Participate in sustainability and wellness workshops to increase your awareness of your impact on the environment!
  • Join their Green Team! This is our specialized volunteer workforce well-versed in environmental protection procedures and full of enthusiasm for conservation! Green
  • Teamers will have a vocal presence for waste reduction and water fill stations, as well as handing out trash and recycling bags. You can spot us in our stand-out t-shirts.
  • Help them with waste management by pre-sorting your garbage, food and recyclables when you throw them away!
  • Five river cleanups will be held throughout the year including one during this year’s festival! Stay tuned so you can join in on the next event!

This year, Euphoria is working to provide more recycling, trash, and compost bins in the festival and campground to efficiently and effectively manage waste.

They are providing water stations inside both the festival and campgrounds so you can refill water bottles and Camelbaks onsite!

“Let’s clean up, green up, and give back!” Learn more here.


Euphoria is more than just music—we are committed to the environment, Austin and our growing community. This year, Ecophoria is offering more avenues for community engagement through local Austin organizations.

In partnership with Keep Austin Beautiful, we’ve adopted the charming Carson Creek which runs along the Ranch we all call home. We’ve teamed up with Austin Permaculture Guild to host permaculture workshops during the festival!

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