Garden Of Eden Festival 2016

Trudeau Park, Tweed, Ontario

The Garden of Eden Festival will be located at the former WEMF campgrounds, which will evoke a lot of memories from fans that once attended that much-beloved festival. The lineup in 2015 was made entirely of Toronto talent and that won’t change in 2016. But GOE will not just serve you some amazing underground music to move your bodies, it is also adding new entertainment for your enjoyment over the weekend.

Remember the Silent Disco? well, that is back! Add to that a Mechanical Bull, yup, you can get your western on. If you are really serious about it, we expect to see cowboy hats! Any good at Jenga, Connect 4, Beer Pong or Hungry Ass Hippos? well, giant versions of those games can be played all day over the weekend. Feeling romantic? Well, late night movies will be on offer, so you can cuddle up with your new flame or someone you’ve loved for a while, and take in that flick you might actually never finish watching.

My favorite was the pop-up beach stage last year. Well! this year the Sandbox will be a permanent stage over the weekend (curated by BASE), so see you at the beach party!

And of course, MarioCart was a big hit in 2015, and so the Nintendo 64 Playstation is back! if you so choose, you can spend your hours challenging your friends to whatever games your heart desires.

This weekend will be intimate, fun and full of heart-pumping electronic music. If that’s something you can handle, then see you at the park! The dance floors will rockin.

A BYOB policy is in full effect, so feel free to bring your desired drinks, but remember, NO GLASS as always. Let’s keep this park clean and beautiful.

When: From Friday, August 26th until Monday, August 30th, 2016.

Where: 15 Trudeau Lane, Tweed, ON, K0K 3J0

Time: Based on last year it was 9:00 pm until 5:00 am on Friday; Saturday: 12:00 pm – 5:00 am; Sunday: 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm; word is though there might be a late Sunday night set into the wee hours of Monday morning. Must leave grounds by 10 am on August 30th though, so do get some rest!