GRATITUDE MIGRATION Music Festival 2016, Keansburg Beach, New Jersey–  July 15-17

The Human Experience, Eli Escobar, Davi, And Lee Reynolds Among Headliners for Gratitude Migration 2016!


From the organic movement of Brooklyn’s underground Art & Music scene, to Hello Beach in Keansburg, New Jersey, with a view of the Manhattan skyline across the water: Gratitude Migration is where you will come to redefine your meaning of ‘connected’. For the second year, founders Avi Wand Drew Meeks, work with passionate visionaries from around the world and create a world of positive transformation and togetherness that we can all join and be a welcomed addition to.

City life envelops us inside of our daily pressures and conditions us to the urban definition of what is ‘important’. We put our blinkers on and power through our to-do lists, hit the gym with dedicated ferocity, make the social reach outs we need to make, and somewhere in there we know we will take a break and unwind. We may even take a vacation, to somewhere warm, remote, where we can define our meaning of the ‘good life’.

But is it all a getaway? Do we come back richer for it? Do we return charged up like a Tesla battery ready for another 250 miles of pulling? What if we could- feel that way- and come back all charged up, smarter, more inspired, unburdened, and with new definitions of what is ‘important’? By spending three days in Keansburg, NJ (a city recently devastated by Hurricane Sandy that is partnering closely with organizers for creative inspiration and rejuvenation), the collective communities will create art, expand horizons, dance to music, meet new friends and learn that transformation can be brought home to the city as well as experienced on the festival grounds.

Founded in 2010, Gratitude*NYC has, for many years, brought together theme camps, interactive artists, stunning performances, amazing DJs, VJs and live bands, along with consciousness expanding workshops, speakers, and activities. All these meant to give you a chance to reflect, ponder, unwind, and be swept away in spirit on your beach camp out, while you look out to the New York city skyline, contemplate on that bridge ‘not too far’ and what you will want to carry back with you.

As a “Leave a Positive Trace” event, Gratitude Migration is committed to leaving the environment better than they found it. In partnership with Ahimsa Warriors, a free-spirited Angel Troop, empowering eco-consciousness, compassion, mindfulness to festivals and consumers, they will be helping the food vendors use as little disposables as possible, use compostable materials where necessary, and encourage attendees to bring their own kitchenware, while also selling a stylish keeper set to those who come unprepared. ‘Boxed Water is Better’ and ‘Superjuice Nation Lounge’ will be just some of the reputable eco-partners on site. Gratitude Moop Parade lead by the Bag Monster will be raising awareness about the excess use of plastic while festival goers dance and parade in costume while collecting MOOP (Matter Out Of Place). such as plastic and trash from the beach (www.bagmonster.com). And along with a free screening of ‘Cowspiracy’ (a powerful environmental documentary co-executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio) their other initiatives will include: Pedal Power generators for charging devices, composting areas and educational workshops serving to bring you education throughout the weekend on how we can bring that eco-consciousness back to our city environments and make caring a daily practice.

This year they are proud to announce the launch of School of Dreams, featuring short Ted-style talks from visionaries, entrepreneurs, and change-makers across a variety of topics including special programming on environmental consciousness. The featured talks will include topics such as: “How to do the Impossible”, “Today is the Start of Everything…” and “Starting a Movement”. There will be special Sunrise and Sunset programming, and Theme Camps titled “Don’t Sleep’, ‘Water Healing Temple’, and ‘Third Eye Village’.

There will be so many things going on at Gratitude Migration, from ecology workshops to butterfly parades; from yoga classes to sound healing; from psychedelic body painting to mermaid tea parties. You can check out the full lineup across Music, Art, and Healing here.