Please enjoy our compilation of the Euphoria Music Festival 2017 artist lineup and share the link with your friends, we hope you discover something you’ve never heard before. See you on the dance floor!

REMEMBER:  TURN OFF Gapless Playback on your mobile Spotify App, and turn the cross fade all the way to 12 sec. This will flow the tracks one into the other without pause. On the Desktop Spotify, go to Settings and then Advanced Settings at the bottom and turn on Crossfade , choosing 12 secs again.

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The spring lineup features the live electronic funk’n disco of Kraak & Smaak, the gritty 8-piece Los Angeles-based band, Orgone, delivering raw soul and heavy funk, the transcendent progressive intergalactic wizardry of House of Hamsa, and the Korean folk rock of Jambinai (more a force of nature than a band). Plus celebratory New Orleans high life from the California Honeydrops, Zimbabwe’s hottest export, Mokoomba, seminal house music pioneer Marques Wyatt, otherworldly grooves from Liberation Movement, and the Prince-meets-Stevie Wonder soul-funk of (Joshua Tree’s own) Gene Evaro Jr.