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ENVISION Music & Arts Festival is a music, learning, arts and yoga festival in the tropical setting of south-west Costa Rica!

WHO Vibrant attendees from all over the world and a breathtaking biodiverse rainforest atmosphere.
WHAT A 4-day festival of world-renowned musical acts, talented dancers/performers, world-class yoga instructors/classes, progressive workshops/speakers, a market of sustainable fashion/organic food vendors, amazing art and installations. Permaculture, Spirituality, Movement, Art, Music, Community, Health and Eco Building.
WHY To learn, connect, dance, make new friends and impart lasting memories on ourselves and others.
WHEN February 22 – February 25, 2018 (early entry passes for the 21st available)
WHERE Rancho La Merced in Uvita, Costa Rica. Uvita is on the Pacific coast, about 4 hrs by car from the capital, San Jose, and 10 km south of the popular surf town, Dominical.
HOW Buy a ticket, read the FAQ, pack light, fly into San Jose, rent a car, take local buses or an Envision Shuttle to the festival!

Envision is not your typical music festival. It’s more like a cultural movement occurring in a beachside jungle; a location so exotic that you will have no trouble fulfilling the festival’s slogan, “viva la experiencia” (live the experience). The festival grounds lead from jungle to ocean where you can enjoy the beach, shop from local artisans, swim, practice yoga in the sand, watch spontaneous dance performances, and witness the setting sun over the Pacific Ocean.

Envision Festival aims to create a communal, transformational, and sustainable environment for cultures to share, learn and combine their knowledge to help us all live better lives wherever we call home. People from all over the world gather here in the warmth of the jungle to share their passions, their energy, and their spirit in order to enhance our collective understanding of what really matters in life. Have children? Envision goes to great lengths to welcome and embrace the families and young ones with the Family Dream Oasis. It hosts a unique variety of entertainment, education and play-shops throughout the day designed to provide your child (and your inner-child) with the complete Envision experience.

When you arrive to rainforest nature preserve of Rancho La Merced, just outside of Uvita, and walk through The Entrance Portal (created by artist Carey Thompson) you will begin to see just what we mean when we say that Envision is arguably one of the world’s leaders in transformative experience. We encourage you to dive into immersive art projects, into the movement temples for some yoga, into areas like the expanded Village Witches Healing Sanctuary, where you can receive a massage with Dr. Nick’s Essential Oil Wizardry, pamper yourself with a Resting Witch Face mini facial at the apothecary, partake in different healing modalities and undergo an on-the-spot herbal consultation. Learn about energy work, sound healing and spiritual channeling: long-lived arts that can be just the piece we need to solve our own specific personal health puzzle.  Vitalize your jungle experience with tinctures, balms and salves (all available for purchase), made in small batches from ethically sourced and organically grown herbs, oils and waxes.

In the Village you will find all things for your nourishment and consumption from a variety of organic, vegan and local fresh food vendors. We recommend you visit the Herbal Clinic, headed by one of the most renown clinical herbalists in the United States (7Song), and try out remedies that help with dehydration, detoxification, and more. The Herbal Elixir Bar hosted by The NOHM Co. offers non-alcoholic, organic, traditionally inspired herbal cocktails made from local Costa Rican and other ethically sourced organic ingredients from North America. If you are looking for a natural ‘buzz’, this is the place!  The food on offer is organic and local: find everything from fresh juice, to smoothies, to Indian, to sushi, all in the heart of the Village! (bring your own dishes or rent them for the weekend, Envision is a Reusables Only event).

Acclaimed visual artist, Zebbler, will be unveiling a New 3D projection mapped Envision Show on Luna Stage and the Sol Stage. Both of these two stages will get a fresh look too. The Luna stage will be unveiling new features and accents, while the Sol Stage will have an all-new design.

And for your style needs, the Global Mercado will have everything you desire from a variety of vendors and artisans offering their handmade or fair trade products, curated to support small projects and cooperatives all over Latin America.  Family owned, fairly traded and ethically sourced materials for festival adornment will make you feel good about your purchases, helping us redefine what ‘shopping’ means and allowing us to vote with our dollar. When it’s quality we buy, it lasts us longer, deepens our respect for how it got there, and makes a difference in the world. Meet the artists and designers you are buying from and learn their stories.

This year in the market, the Merch booth will be packing some 2018 surprises that we don’t want to spoil yet. Suffice it to say, you’ll want to stop by and see all the new items and artist collaborations. At the Coffee shop, we’ll be offering a few new pick me ups. Plus, for the first time, the nearby Whale’s Tale Brewery and Sibu Cafe will serve up locally sourced, organic cuisine and small-batch craft beers. Skip the lines, enjoy some shade and dine jungle style!

This festival really wants us all to get away from the processed world that has become our reality and back to where we find our true happiness: in health, in nature, in positive meaning, and learning valuable knowledge to move our lives in the direction that makes the most sense.

To get the latest information about Envision Festival, visit, and stay connected to their FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

To get you in the mood, check out the Official Envision Festival 2017 video recap:

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