5 Things You Didn’t Know about WHAT THE?! FESTIVAL

The Forest Comes Alive

There are wonders inside the Mt Hood National Forest, beyond the beauty of nature itself, beyond the towering views of mountain peaks, and even beyond the extraordinary gathering of participants on Wolf Run Ranch which nestles inside it’s confines.

Among the wonders is the ‘Illuminated Forest’: a place where all your senses will be tickled. Curiosity may never find satiation and perhaps that is just fine, because if the varied and magnificent interactive art installations/exhibits inside the Illuminated Forest ever give you pause, you would not mind at all as you settle into stately white furnishings at the Casbah Hookah Lounge, sip tea and prepare for a relaxing pull of your favorite flavored smoke. Not far away, Downtempo DJ’s and scintillating live performing art takes place at the Shinto A Go-Go: the Asian tea and miso lounge. A zone for perfect reflection, from sundown to exhilarating evening. And evening could literally have no end. In fact, each night until dawn, you can journey into the forest and lie under the stars at the Decked Out Cinema to watch short, independent films from all over the world. Films that will leave you stirred and moved.

Wonders abound all around, but curated wonders, in high concentration, at a festival in the woods, is something that just must be seen. The woods are magical at night, and WTF has added the icing on the cake.

The OMG Experience

If I were to tell you that you could improve your regular admission pass to VIP status at the festival for just 30 more dollars a day, would that interest you? And that you would have 4 days, not just 3. Then minus $24 because you get 3 showers included. Minus another $30 because the first 4 drinks you were going to buy are now included as well. So now you are actually looking at $17.75 extra per day over 4 days. I may or may not have lost you with all that math, and maybe you say, heck I don’t need a shower when I have the skating rink size Splash Pool to dip into every day, but even then! How about dedicated Bar Service at said Splash Pool? And I haven’t even mentioned the 1 Ice Voucher, or the dedicated line at the Box Office, or the Side Area Viewing at the Main Stage, or Wi-Fi Hot spot lounge, or daily classes at Summer Camp Arts and Crafts … and there’s even more added!

There is no arguing that having a few extra perks at a festival for around $20 a day extra over 4 days is worth it. And I guess that’s our point, most of the time you would be paying a whole lot more for any special perks at festivals, so for WTF to include so much for the upcharge, it just makes it that much more motivating to save up that little extra and get the OMG Experience.

The Largest Disco Ball

A Silent Disco party is possibly one of the most enjoyable parties to attend. Often 2-3 channels of music can be selected via the headset, so your mood and the groove can take a left turn or a right turn together. The music can be turned as loud as you like or be quiet enough for those times when a break for conversation seems just right. But I would whole heartedly agree with anyone that the true value of a silent disco can only be attained by creating the kind of ambiance that makes it all feel special. And that’s where WTF rose up to the challenge! Their silent disco features the LARGEST disco ball in the Northwest. Designed by W. Glen Boyd and Ivan McLean, this epic ball of fun is a central feature of What The Festival each year, sparkling and dashing light beams at the feet of your dance moves all night long. 

Brand Ambassador Opportunities

Not every festival offers an ambassador program, so it’s good to know that What The Festival does. Being an Ambassador is the perfect way to join the festival team as a promoter and earn points for a whole list of fabulous rewards. If you feel a kinship with the ethos of the festival and want to share it with everyone around you through connection and engagement, then click HERE to see if you are in their geographical area and to inform yourself on how to earn points.

If participating as an artist is more your avenue, then What the Festival provides a number of grants for artists to display their works; they will also consider ticket trades in lieu of monetary grants where appropriate.

Movement Classes

And finally, you may not find it surprising that WTF will have a variety of yoga disciplines for you to deep stretch yourself into bliss. But what you MAY find surprising is that their category of Movement Classes will include more adventurous learnings on bodily flow. How about House Dance? Where Donna will teach you some foundational movements crucial to the style of dance. Or perhaps Hoops: Graceful Flux would suit you more. Goovin Megzz will help you develop movement personalities and create unique forms of expression through playing with hoop directions. Or how about Go Go Dancing? Or San Fran’s Strutting?  At the end of the day, adding a few more dance moves to our repertoire whilst at a music festival surely has to be among the best decisions we can make in life. And at the end of the day, getting a grasp on foundational body movements and footwork HAS to be an amazing way to unleash your self-expression, and that’s something we should never hold back. See you on the dance floor!

I hope we have helped you discover some things you didn’t know about What The Festival, and that we’ve ignited your intention and motivation to join the 2017 gathering. See you all at the Ranch! Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions on this blog post.