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Hello Envisionaries! With so many of us arriving from all over the world to attend Envision 2017- whether by plane, boat or a long cross-country drive- we know it will take us a while to get to the festival grounds. And so, we felt a 6-hour playlist was just was just about the right length to keep you company!

A big part of the festival is the music of course, and Envision features a bevy of international musical artists along with a contingent of local, roots-based bands from Costa Rica. Four main stages will bring you their sounds:

At the Sol Stage you will find reggae, world music and big band jams: built by Zebbler Studios & Alchemy Arts, a phenomenal crew known for their work on Shpongle’s Shpongletron among other projects. At the main stage, Luna, you will find tribal funk, global bass and glitch hop: built by The Reliquarium & Magnetic Melt to breath visual life into bassy vibrations, this stage will magical this year. The Lapa Stage is the only stage dedicated completely to the bouncy rhythms of sultry deep house music, demonstrating Envision’s newfound commitment to curating a world class house experience. The stage will be designed by Tigre Bailando :: Arte Vida, a spirited sculptor who uses local branches to build behemoth installations (as seen on the 2015 Mama Jaguar Luna Stage). And at the Village Stage you will find melodic acoustic and syncopating world beats. A perfect spot to sit down with your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Please enjoy our compilation and share the link with your friends, we hope you discover something you’ve never heard before. See you on the dance floor!

REMEMBER:  TURN OFF Gapless Playback on your mobile Spotify App, and turn the cross fade all the way to 12 sec. This will flow the tracks one into the other without pause. On the Desktop Spotify, go to Settings and then Advanced Settings at the bottom and turn on Crossfade , choosing 12 secs again.

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